3 questions to Raphaël Lemaitre, CTO of ADventori

3 questions to Raphaël Lemaitre, CTO of ADventori

This month, we invite you to discover the ADventori’s Tech Lab. Raphaël Lemaitre, Chief Technology Officer, takes us behind the scenes and introduces us to the new products and upcoming projects.

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Can you introduce us to the ADventori Tech Lab?

The Tech Lab, the technological heart of ADventori, is composed of about ten people, all of whom are experts in their fields, and in the workings of the digital ecosystem. The profiles, both on the product and development side, are the result of specialized training and/or have acquired extensive experience in the technological advertising world.

Our team consists of Product Manager, R&D Engineers, Head of Tracking & Analytics and software developers, who enable us to carry out our daily missions.

What are your main missions?

We are continuously in contact with all ADventori employees to meet the needs and technical developments of each individual. Our missions are mainly articulated as follows around three axes.

First, we are developing our adserving and tracking technologies. For this purpose, a large part of our work consists of technological and operational monitoring, the technology monitoring being a key element of our constantly changing industry. It is important to pay particular attention by staying on the lookout for new products.

In a second step, we contribute to the improvement of the tools used by the campaigns managers, based on their comments and suggestions, in order to facilitate and improve their efficiency. Finally, Tech Lab carries out important work on statistical reporting in order to draw up reports on our clients' various campaigns. In concrete terms, this means putting in place and to maintain a big data platform processing very large volumes of data.

You have to work with many market players. How it works on a daily basis?

Beyond the road map we follow, we have the possibility, depending on the requests and the emergencies, to reallocate time and thus have an agility that is very appreciable when a campaign must come out, or to face particularly sensitive customer demands.

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