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Paris, May 5, 2020


Data-driven campaigns require tighter organization and technical integration at start-up than traditional digital campaigns. Strategy is particularly important.

To help brands with their digital advertising strategy, ADventori provides tactical and operational consulting solutions delivering both services and technologies.

Say and do

Given the complexity of this market, brands are turning increasingly to advisory services, but the guidance given is not always appropriate or sufficiently effective to overcome the technological challenges of ad tech.

ADventori offers brands customized support, providing practical advice and operational recommendations that can be followed through and meet strategic objectives.

All strategic advice is supported by a plan of action and implementation protocol.

Brands interested in improving their understanding and organizational practices also have three additional options:

  • An audit followed by strategic advice
  • Training in DCO*, including what to expect and potential benefits
  • Workshops on operations and structure

For effective DCO creative scripting, creative messaging, data integration, technological compatibility, trafficking in all advertising formats, strict measurement protocols, application of business rules and access to campaign reports, brands require a support system to smooth roll-out, avoid common pitfalls and eliminate inefficiencies.

*DCO : Dynamic Creative Optimization
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What are the aims?

  • Create data-driven campaign scenarios
  • Define campaign decision trees
  • Implement the corresponding dynamic digital creative kits (design and HTML5 post-production)
  • Slash creative costs by producing scalable, multi-campaign HTML5 media (meta template)
  • Manage campaign trafficking and tracking, ensuring that each line is useful and easy to read in a statistical report
  • Improve campaign analytics by standardizing tagging plans and mirroring them to brand strategy
  • Obtain reliable and comparable results through strict multivariate testing protocols and analyses
  • Define the global ad serving strategy according to the brand’s organization and objectives
  • Configure the brand’s ad server and implement campaign ad serving
  • Measure the impact of the digital campaigns in pre- and post-test advertising studies
  • Act as an interface between partners for smoother operations, streamlining knowledge-based project management on behalf of the brand (compatibility, task synchronization, schedule management)

Renault, Nissan, Air France, Médecins Sans Frontières, GMF, OUIsncf, OUIgo, Canal+ and Decathlon are already using ADventori augmented services.

33% collective performance gains

The aim is quite simple: design data-driven campaigns and put them online. Advertisers must sometimes negotiate with over 20 intermediaries before putting their campaigns online and having access to their data. Project partners also have their work cut out. The web woven between creative, data and media is becoming increasingly technical, making it difficult for them to concentrate on their own work while taking on board outside skills.

“ADventori has 10 years’ experience of data-driven campaigns. It is our job to understand and coordinate the work of contributors to ensure campaigns run smoothly and that everyone excels in their field. We have both the tools and the expertise to make this possible,” says Pierre-Antoine Durgeat, CEO of ADventori.

It takes a skilled helmsman to synchronize the technologies and standardize the flows required to roll out a campaign, someone who is neutral and fully understands the ecosystem. The objective is clear: launch the campaign on time and measure results objectively. Effective campaign management makes the process simpler, boosts performance and increases the brand’s return on investment. After all, “time is money”. And an efficient campaign may even deliver a 33% gain in collective performance.

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ADventori is a creative advertising technology company created in 2009 dedicated to personalizing, measuring and optimizing digital advertising. Our technical expertise and know-how allow advertisers to roll out data-driven campaigns, from message design and data integration to trafficking in all advertising formats. Besides optimizing media and creative, ADventori streamlines campaign implementation, ensuring optimal organization in a complex ecosystem.

A leader in France and Europe: Renault, SFR,, Fressnapf, GMF, Nissan, Mini, Decathlon, Transavia, Air France, Canal+.

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