"Multivariate testing: future unmissable of digital marketing"

TPS 83 Multivariant Testing

”The Programmatic Society“, a program proposed by Michel Juvillier, invites you to hear the voices of those who make up the Programmatic market in France and elsewhere.

Meet Pierre-Antoine Durgeat, CEO of ADventori, during the episode:

"Multivariate testing: future unmissable of digital marketing"

On the program:

  • What is multivariate testing?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are its uses and results?
  • What organisation should be put in place to carry out this study? Which techno stack or agency should be chosen?
  • What is the future of multivariate testing?

Discover the debate with Pierre-Antoine Durgeat (ADventori), Marion Gauthier (Ouigo) et Ollivier Monferran (Essity).

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