Discover the values of ADventori, the leader in DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) in France

Our vision

The professionalism and motivation of each individual contribute to the constant improvement of our products at ADventori.
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The close collaboration we establish with our partner brands allows us to provide a tailored approach that closely meets their needs. It is also the sum of our individual skills, when combined, that creates the value of ADventori.

We have a team of senior experts who accompany our partner brands in their creative automation challenges, from a technical perspective, while simplifying complexity to allow brands to focus on what matters most.

ADventori's advertising vision is to place advertising at the center of the dialogue between a brand and its customers. Internet users no longer have to endure mass advertising; instead, advertising should adapt intelligently through technology.


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French and independent company

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Transparency and neutrality

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Professionalism and flexibility

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Kindness and humility

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Joy, humor, and self-derision

Message from the President

ADventori CEO
président ADventori

We founded ADventori in 2009 with the desire to create relevant advertisements. Thanks to DCO, advertisements have become useful and personalized. We meet the needs of brands by offering non-intrusive ad formats with an effective message. Our long-standing slogan reflects this:

“Less ads, more efficient ads”

I also wanted the company to be a space for co-creation and innovation. We can find meaning in our work through mutual assistance, expertise, and by being guided by fundamentally human values. After more than 10 years of existence, this long-term commitment brings us happiness and success."

Our team


A sales team ready to listen and take on any challenges to ensure your satisfaction, always over a good cup of coffee.
Matthieu Puissant
Managing Director
Mélanie Pin
Business Partner
Ismail Ouadghiri
Business Partner
Clémentine Jourdain
Junior Marketing Manager


Our team of project managers and technical experts plans and configures your DCO campaigns with joy and good spirits.
Valentin Berthelot
Head of Campaign Managers
Fabien Bonijoly
Director of operations
Kimberley Kachkar
Head of Tech Ops
Sacha Yazzaoui
Senior Campaign Manager
Marietta Niandio
Campaign Manager
Khalil Daghfous
Junior Campaign Manager
Riad Abderrezak
Tech Ops
Tanguy Jouvenceau
Junior Tech Ops

Creative lab

Our creative studio has no secrets when it comes to creating your digital banners.
Fabien Delaforge
Head of Creative Lab
Léopoldine Brion
Front-end Developer
Amira Kerioui
Front-end Developer

Tech Lab

Our technological experts are at the forefront of R&D.
Pierre-Antoine Durgeat
President & C.T.O
Abdelhakim Belmakdem
Head of Tech Lab
Baptiste Bourron
Head of Product
Veaceslav Banari
Junior Developer
Thomas Da Costa
Back-end Developer
Eliott Raheriarisoa
Junior Developer

Finances & Administrations

Marie-Christine is there to assist you on all fronts, including any questions you may have about your latest invoice.
Marie-Christine Ober
Administrative and Finance Manager
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Join us

We are regularly looking to enrich our team with motivated individuals of diverse backgrounds and curiosity.
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Less ads,
more efficient ads
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