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With over a decade of experience in creative personalization and automation, ADventori assists brands looking to internalize their DCO tools by creating customized platforms that precisely meet their needs while leveraging the existing ecosystem.

These self-service SaaS tools empower advertisers to independently deploy advertising campaigns that align with their marketing strategies.

They combine multiple ad tech tools to address the current requirements of digital marketing managers, allowing them to design, test, publish, and optimize ad creatives.

A true control center, the Creative Management Platform (CMP) enhances the brand's internal capabilities by granting advertisers control over their DCO campaigns in terms of content, validation, and deployment, all in minimal time while maximizing ROI.

Benefits of our 

Automatically generate banners

in various formats (display, video, social, etc…)

Reduce creative costs

associated with banner development and trafficking for campaign setup.

Accelerate campaign launches

without back-and-forth emails. The brand gains autonomy in campaign launches.

Involve local entities

in the brand's digital strategy.

Adapt brand advertising messages

based on local objectives.

Integrate all brand data flows

pricing, availability, stock, e-commerce, etc.. into a single tool for utilization in the digital strategy.

Focus on  Air France’s CMP

Bannière AirFrance

Air France enlisted the services of ADventori to develop a custom platform that enables personalized and streamlined display digital communication while providing internal teams with greater autonomy and responsiveness in campaign programming.

Through this platform, each country within the brand has the ability to choose the elements they wish to include in their banner (offers, USPs, language, currencies, etc.) to deliver a personalized experience to the user, leveraging Air France's data feeds directly within the tool : images bank, pricing, destinations, languages.

Learn more about Air France's CMP
Bannière AirFrance
Here are the concrete benefits achieved by implementing a CMP for Air France:

Personalized campaigns in 90 countries.

Development of a creative tool shared by all markets.

Bringing together the creative and media teams under a single tool.
80% reduction in creative validation time.
Development of a unique Meta Template enabling the execution of Air France's entire range of scenarios and hundreds of thousands of creative combinations.
Campaign launch time reduced from 1 month to 48 hours.
Decreased creative costs for advertising banners.
bannière Renault

Zoom on  Renault’s CMP

The purpose of this platform is to simplify the management of Renault's digital campaigns by involving local dealerships in content creation and campaign deployment.

The brand's digital campaigns are initiated by Renault's headquarters and managed in collaboration with the five regional divisions overseeing over 550 dealerships throughout France.

With the Renault CMP, dealerships can now choose the vehicles they want to highlight in their banners.

Learn more about Renault's CMP
Here are the concrete benefits achieved by implementing a CMP for Renault :
Promoting national offers initiated by the headquarters, while allowing dealerships to select the most suitable offer for their market.
Enabling hyper-local campaigns that capitalize on national communication while addressing local business needs.
Optimizing vehicle sales based on real-time stock availability per dealership.
High dealership adoption rate from the start.
Reestablishing local communication within the digital strategy while defining a clear framework for dealerships.

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We listen to your needs and your organization to create a platform that best meets your requirements.


We provide guidance and support before, during, and after the creation of your platform.

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