Our DCO Solution
(Dynamic Creative Optimization)

ADventori's DCO technology dynamically personalizes your advertising banners in real-time, allowing you to individualize your message based on your audience.

Display the right message to the right person at the right time!

What is DCO and why is it essential in a digital strategy?

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DCO is an advertising technology that dynamically and automatically personalizes your banners.

The banner content adapts to the user and their browsing context (profile, geolocation, product or weather feed, content, etc.). This allows you to deliver an infinite number of ads from a single banner.

In an increasingly complex digital environment where consumers favor personalized advertisements, this method optimizes your digital campaigns, helps you save on banner creation, allows you to test your messages, automate their updates, and increases conversion rates and overall media performance.

Supporting all digital formats in your media mix ensures the consistency of your communication and brand image: display banners, native ads, responsive web and mobile, InApp, email, videos (overlay, in-screen), social, and audio.

Your DCO campaigns are hosted in France on our own ad server ADventori or on Google Campaign Manager and Studio.

What are  
the advantages of DCO advertising?

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Reach your target audience

Capture your audience's attention with personalized advertising messages.

Automate message updates

Simplify the daily management of your campaigns by planning the content in advance. Increase your communication responsiveness by changing your messages in minutes.

Creative cost savings

Automatically generate an infinite number of ads from a single digital template.

Test and optimize your message

Test different advertising messages and choose the most effective one.

Increase campaign performance

Deliver personalized and contextualized advertisements to enhance engagement and conversion.

ADventori supports you in the implementation of your DCO advertising campaign from A to Z.

After analyzing your needs, our experts will guide you in choosing the most suitable scenarios to meet your brand's objectives.

Since 2010, we have been compatible with all the technological players in the French and international advertising market: publishers, DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms), SSPs (Supply-Side Platforms), trading desks, CDPs (Customer Data Platforms), attribution platforms, visibility tools, and more.

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The stages of launching your advertising campaign:

These are the display conditions for your different messages. ADventori advises you on creating scenarios that align with your digital strategy (acquisition, retargeting, branding, etc.). Find our best campaign scenarios here.
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Our Creative Studio develops your DCO banners in HTML5 format, based on your brand guidelines, campaign history, and feedback. For more advanced projects, we create intelligent banners, Meta Templates, that are 100% dynamic.
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Each element within a frame is dynamic and connected to a data source, allowing the message to be adapted in real-time based on the exposed user.
The Meta Template is scalable and enables the deployment of an infinite number of advertising banners with just a few clicks.
See here for an example of a Meta Template created for the advertiser Canal+.

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An essential tool for verifying, controlling, monitoring, and archiving the results of your digital advertising campaigns. The ad server hosts your ads and delivers them across the entire digital ecosystem, allowing you to track your media performance in real-time. It also enables you to monitor the progress of your operations and ensure that your media buying aligns with your marketing strategies. Learn more about the benefits of an ad server.
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Once the scenarios are validated and the DCO banners are developed, we configure your DCO campaign in the ad server of your choice (ADventori or Google). The setup involves translating the DCO scenarios into the appropriate display of the correct banner wording and visuals. During setup, A/B tests are implemented, and third-party tracking is integrated.
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Before launching the campaign, we will send you a validation page for testing all the scenarios of your DCO campaign across all your formats. Once the banners and scenarios are validated, we send the redirects to the DSP or ad network for the DCO campaign to go live.
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Throughout your campaign, we monitor statistics to ensure its proper functioning. We provide a dashboard that allows you to view campaign statistics in real-time, with the desired level of granularity. We can also use Dataviz tools for better campaign monitoring. At the end of the DCO campaign, we analyze the results by scenario and present them to you during a Business Review.
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Why choose ADventori 
for your DCO campaign?

Expertise and customized support

ADventori deploys a highly advanced DCO technology suite that integrates seamlessly with your existing digital ecosystem (feeds, tracking, formats, geolocation, etc.). Our team of experts accompanies you on each project to provide personalized and tailored support according to your organization's needs.

Optimization of your digital banners

Test different elements of your banner through our multivariate tests and choose the most effective creative combination. Instantly adapt your message during the campaign based on test results.

Cookieless alternative

In partnership with content publishers and alternative technology solutions to third-party cookies, ADventori personalizes your campaigns in real-time based on visited page content or user search.

Interested in our self-service tools ?

ADventori creates personalized DCO platforms according to your needs.
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