Personalize your advertising banners  with Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

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ADventori's DCO technology allows you to personalize your advertising banners in real time according to your target audience, on all your digital platforms. Display the right message to the right person at the right time !
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DCO technology provides up to
50% more performance to your campaign

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Reach your target

Catch your target's attention with a customized banner ad based on their profile.
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Save on your creative costs

Autogenerate countless ads from a single digital banner that can be reused, redesigned, and upgraded.
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Optimize your message

Experiment with different advertising messages, select the most effective message and increase your ROI and business knowledge.
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Our solutions

Production of your digital banners

Our creative studio develops all your DCO advertising layouts (display, video, social, DOOH, in app, interstitial...) to provide you HTML5 banners in neutral format, reusable and optimized, using the latest technologies for better performance.

Adserving your promotional campaigns

ADventori, develops, broadcasts, measures, and supervises your campaigns on our own adserver or on third party technology such as Google Marketing Platform.

Customized platforms for banner generation

ADventori offers tailored platforms to meet your needs. Centralize the creation of your banner ads while allowing local entities to choose their products and control the content of their messages.
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Our DCO scenarios

1 • Geolocation - Drive To Store

Geolocate the user in real-time and display a personalized ad message tailored to their location. Thanks to geolocation, you can promote different offers from one city to another and reinforce the impact and consistency of the message by specifying the name of the city or nearest point of sale to the user.
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2 • Product/Service Feed

Connect your advertising campaign to your data feeds. Automate your digital communication by updating your banners in real-time based on the availability, stock, price, promotions, and any other information available for your products and/or services.
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3 • Weather

Leverage weather data in your advertising creations and capture the user's attention by offering products/services that are in line with the current or predictive weather conditions. This scenario is particularly relevant for the tourism, distribution, or fashion sectors.
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4 • User Data

Combine ADventori's DCO technology with available user data such as publishers, audience segments, and browsing history to personalize all your campaigns based on the user's searches, profile, and visited or purchased products. Your message is thus adapted based on the user's progress in the conversion funnel, real or declared interest in products, and even their profile. This method is particularly suitable for your retargeting up-selling and cross-selling strategies and for your core target acquisition.
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5 • CRM / DMP

Leverage your customer knowledge and personalize your ads based on the data available in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or DMP (Data Management Platform) or CDP (Customer Data Platform). You communicate with a relevant message and enrich your relationship with your customers. In addition, you can use campaign results with the finest granularity to further enrich your customer knowledge.
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6 • Cookieless

Use DCO contextualization to personalize your ads in real-time based on the user's search on our partner sites such as Leboncoin, Caradisiac, or Skyscanner. Capture the user's attention during their active search phase and generate conversion rates 5 to 10 times higher than a traditional acquisition campaign. Using publisher site data is a real alternative to cookie disappearance.
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7 • Sports Data

Using real-time sports data can help personalize and contextualize your advertising messages, creating a stronger connection between your brand and your target audience. It's a privileged speaking time during which it's possible to communicate differently with your target audience by responding to their interests. By sharing live scores, betting odds, and other key data points related to a sporting event, you can appeal to your audience's interests and increase engagement.
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8 • Language

Simplify your international campaigns and reduce creative costs by centralizing your advertisements on a single ad server. With dynamic creative optimization (DCO), you can automatically change the language, offer, or currency based on the user's geolocation or browser language, allowing for more effective targeting.
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9 • Date/Time

Incorporating time-based data into your campaigns can help optimize conversions and automate your messaging. By adapting your message based on the time of day or day of the week, you can create a sense of urgency or promote time-sensitive offers. Additionally, countdown timers can be used to create a sense of excitement and encourage users to take action.
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10 • AB Testing / Multivariant Testing

Conduct large-scale AB tests on your acquisition or retargeting campaigns to optimize your messaging and increase performance. By testing different audiences, messages, visuals, offers, and calls-to-action, you can determine which combinations are most effective and improve your overall campaign performance.
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Our DCO creations

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