Campaign Leroy Merlin


Web-to-store campaign with the aim of highlighting in-store promotions on 32 different products.


From a Web-to-store perspective, the banner will display the point of sale closest to the user according to his geolocation.
The products are offered randomly to the user.
This Leroy Merlin operation also includes a multivariate test to compare the performance between banners with address transplanting and those without point-of-sale highlights.
In order to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign, the most successful products were more highlighted in the banners than the products deemed less attractive.

 Results of the Multivariate test : this test showed that banners displaying the Leroy Merlin store closest to the user perform better in terms of CTR than those that do not specify the address of the point of sale.

Data used

Advertiser data: prices, products, list of Leroy Merlin stores
Wording & images

DCO banners

picto mégaphone

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