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More than 25 scenarios generated.
Over 800 million ad impressions in 2020 so far.
Campaign launch time reduced from one month to less than a week.
Streamlined creative costs: a single creative automatically generates more than 625 on-the-fly creative kits, including dynamic variables.
26% increase in CTR (2020 vs 2019), with post-view and post-click measurements at the same level.


To optimize the rollout of its digital strategy, CANAL+ has chosen ADventori to advise on, organize and run its digital display campaigns.

Promoting the right offers with the right programs to the right target throughout the year is a real challenge for the CANAL+ digital teams. ADventori’s expertise will complement the support that CANAL+ already receives from the Havas Digital and BETC teams.

ADventori’s services will allow CANAL+ to personalize and streamline its digital display campaigns by presenting its users with packages and programs specifically tailored to them.


Objectives and challenges

With the launch of its packaged offers, CANAL+ is aiming to attract new subscribers based on their age and preference for sports, movies or series.

The digital rollout of its always-on campaigns will streamline creative production and its associated costs, provide a real-time connection to data (content catalog and DMP) and make campaign reports easier to read.

The technical solution put in place has allowed us to implement as many banners as messages, delivering a significant saving in both time and money.    says Jérémy Derouet, Director of e-commerce at CANAL+.


Framing the project

Help the brand, its in-house teams and external partners (Havas Media and BETC) understand the issues involved in DCO campaigns and consequently organize campaign workflows.

Campaigns set-up

Integrate and standardize the internal and external data flows needed to activate campaign scenarios.

Banner design

Streamline and automate digital asset production to optimize online updates, increase creative productivity, save time and increase overall profitability.

Deployment of DCO campaigns

Organize the delivery of dynamic campaigns across all aspects of the media plan – including tagging, tracking, trafficking and ad serving – to support the analysis and follow-up of statistical reports.

Deployed Solutions

For both acquisition and retargeting :

  Roll out CANAL+ always-on promotional campaigns using banners focusing on football, multiprograms (movies, series and sports) and launches of limited series packages (e.g. a CANAL+/DISNEY+ Bundle).

  Training program and workshop to develop working methods and DCO strategies.

  A dedicated team to support and run campaigns.

  Dashboards to monitor the scenario implementation and campaign rollout.

  Advice on scripting campaigns and creating scenario matrices (acquisition and retargeting) for orchestrating the various campaigns.

  HTML5 post-production support for all digital display assets.

  Design of a meta-template to automate the creation of DCO banners according to the scenarios defined.

  Connectivity to various external and in-house data sources, using CANAL+ data and their DMP (BlueKaï).

  Implementation of a tagging plan on the CANAL+ website allowing media buyers (Criteo and HPH) to manage retargeting scripts.

  Online campaign launches and daily management of display campaigns.

 Campaign ad serving and delivery of statistical reports.

Examples of scenarios

Multiprogram Offer Scenario

A specific offer is displayed depending on the user’s age group (under 26 or over 26). The banner is personalized further depending on the user’s preference for movies or series. This preference is based on the customer’s knowledge of the CANAL+ brand and the media buying strategy. A 26-year-old fan of series will not see the same offer as a Disney movie lover. A retargeting scenario also targets users based on the pages they recently visited.

Sports Offer Scenario

While broadcasting Ligue 1 and Premier League football matches, CANAL+ promotes the next match by using visuals of each team’s players. Designed around the channel’s match and broadcasting schedule, the featured offer is tailored to the user’s profile, highlights details of the match (players, team logos, etc.) and shows the number of days before broadcast to increase purchase intent.

DCO banners

DCO campaign - multiprogram offer
DCO campaign - sport offer
DCO campaign - sport offer World Cup 2022
DCO campaign - sport offer
DCO campaign - multiprogram offer
DCO campaign - Retargeting
DCO campaign - under 26 years old offer


Sabine de Courcy
Traffic Acquisition Manager

Today, every CANAL+ digital banner ad is unique. Each one includes a special offer (a subscription type), one or more special programs (football, series, movies) and can be set to be displayed for just an hour. This had to be achieved while eliminating complexity and additional costs.

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