Case study Médecins sans Frontières


2,793 versions of messages generated, tailored to each audience.
400 million impressions since the launch.
Emergency scenario campaigns launched online within 24 hours.


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is a French charity with a humanitarian purpose. MSF provides medical assistance to at-risk communities, both in France and abroad.

Sadly, there are still far too many armed conflicts, natural disasters, epidemics and famines in the world, requiring the net to be cast much wider in terms of appealing for donations. There are myriad opportunities for MSF to speak out on a variety of topics and to diverse target audiences, and digital media is an ideal platform for generating the donations it needs in a more flexible and immediate way.

MSF is keen to bring more relevance and consistency to its digital advertising campaigns while keeping campaign production costs down. The charity turned to ADventori to develop its new advertising banners and subsequently organize and run all its digital display campaigns.


Objectives and challenges

Thanks to ADventori’s expertise, MSF has managed to achieve the following in just 12 months :

  Digital creative assets standardized across all its acquisition channels.

  Creative production costs streamlined and creative performance optimized.

  Amplification du reach des messages diffusés toute l’année grâce à la scénarisation des campagnes.

  Reach of year-round messaging increased thanks to campaign scripting.

  Online responsiveness improved to support emergency messaging for humanitarian disasters.

  Donor insights integrated into campaign scripting.

The responsiveness and cost-effectiveness of this new organization are key to maximizing MSF’s brand awareness and recurring donations while minimizing the time spent on project management and creative investment.



Scripting the charity’s messaging based on the specified acquisition and retargeting strategies and audience segments.

Campaign planning

Planning and online launch of a year-round, always-on campaign featuring specific themes.

Banner creation

Creating and automating digital asset production to optimize online updates, improve creative productivity, save time, and increase overall profitability.

Integration of data streams

Integrating and standardizing the internal and external data flows needed to activate campaign scenarios.

Tagging plan

Developing website tagging plans and performing campaign analysis and monitoring using MSF’s monitoring tool.


Managing campaign trafficking.

Campaign distribution

Running campaigns in collaboration with various media partners.

Deployed Solutions

Acquisition and retargeting campaigns have been launched using 7 IAB formats across all MSF websites. Audience segments generated by the LiveRamp CRM Onboarding platform provide optimized campaign targeting. Several trading desks manage media buying, and a third-party tracking partner is supporting all MSF campaigns.

ADventori’s solutions include :

  Providing a dedicated team to support and run campaigns.

  Setting up collaborative tools to simplify project management and online campaign launches.

  Developing a comprehensive tagging plan for all MSF websites.

  Producing a scenario handbook to transform all MSF campaigns into a data-driven, always-on campaign running all year round.

  Developing a decision tree to deliver different messages depending on the audience segment and brand strategy.

  Creating consistent banner ads that balance branding and performance.

  Creating a meta-template to reduce creative costs and make campaign launches more fluid.

  Performing multivariate tests to identify which banners generate most conversions.

  Producing quarterly campaign statistics reports.

Examples of scenarios

Acquisition scenario

Thanks to ADventori’s meta-template, the advertising message can be tailored to the target audience. A different message is therefore displayed depending on the donor’s profile.

Emergency scenario

In the event of a natural disaster or health crisis, an emergency scenario can be implemented within 24 hours, intercepting the main message. For example, at the start of the COVID-19 health crisis, the emergency message “MSF is mobilizing to fight the epidemic” could be displayed quickly to attract donations for emergency care in response to the developing situation.

Retargeting scenario

A retargeting scenario can be used to enhance the user experience on MSF websites. The message displayed on the banner ad can reflect the user’s interest in a particular press release or humanitarian initiative for example. Lastly, if the user has entered a desired donation amount on the donation page without completing the transaction, the banner will display the same amount.

DCO banners

Acquistion Scenario
Emergency Scenario
Retargeting Scenario


Abizar Hakimbay
Head of Digital Presence at MSF

In addition to automating the delivery of our messaging, having a single point of contact responsible for organizing and running our digital acquisition and retargeting campaigns has made us more efficient.

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