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Thanks to ADventori’s drive-to-store solution and to the integration of real-time data, only one unique template per format is required to generate many thousands of banners and dynamic video. Each of the generated ad sis adapted to the user’s real-time situation and to Campanile’s event schedule.
Beyond the performance goals, this communication campaigns allows to base the brand’s promise around conviviality.


Campanile is a French hotel chain founded in 1976, specializing in the mid-range (2 and 3 stars) and belonging to Louvre Hotels Group, the budget hotel arm of the Louvre Group.

Campanile wants to promote its restaurant services and events via a cross-device, multi-format web-to-store acquisition campaign: web, mobile & video. The campaign covers more than 300 of the hotel chain's establishments in France.


Objectives and challenges

Campanile is relying on ADventori’s services to share it values of proximity and conviviality. The campaign, cross-devices and multi-formats, is driven by Mediabrands to promote the animations organised in the Campanile hotels closed to the user, as well as the catering.

Deployed Solutions

Thanks to ADventori’s DCO technology, the content of the ads is adapted in real-time to the user’s situation. To generate qualified traffic, Campanile combined creation, data and business issues to established campaign scenario using situational data (day, hour and location) as well as on its 1st party data (events, hotels’ addresses).

A dynamic Skin format that indicates the real-time weather to the user, depending on his location, completes the communication campaign.

Starting from these data, the campaign scenario was structured as follows:

  The animation soon organised in the user’s area were presented dynamically depending on the date. Campanile thus promoted more than 200 themed evenings and broadcastings of sporting events in 318 French facilities of the brand, and this only for the summer period.

  At lunch and dinner time, ads were presenting the restaurants of the nearest Campanile Hotels.


This strategy is deployed regardless of the device :

  On desktop and on mobile, to extend the brand’s notoriety: a Vpaid video made up of a dynamic screen followed by a commercial sport of Campanile.

  On mobile, with a drive-to-store objective : a dynamic banner which, by click, presents an overlay with an integrated store locator. This one give access to a list presenting the different Campanile Hotels located in the user’s area, as well as a map of these facilities.


DCO banners

Video shown to a web user in Marseille
Video shown to a web user in Paris


Gaëlle Vial-Paquet
Campanile Group Chef

In order to promote our brand promise, different events are organised in our hotels across all France. Some of them are nationwide but most of the animations are set locally. To date, there was no way for us to communicate specifically on each event on our national advertising campaigns. Thanks to the available technology, we’re now able to promote each single event in a relevant way, as well as to support each of our hotels. While streamlining creative production, this operation also gives us a unified vision of the set KPIs.

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