Campaign GMF


This acquisition campaign with the ASP (Public Service Agent) aims to highlight the MRH (Property and Casualty Insurance) offers but also the GMF car insurance offers.


This campaign took place in the form of a multivariate test whose objective is to understand whether Public Service Agents are more sensitive to personalized ads according to their jobs or on the contrary to very generic ads with people who do not belong not necessarily to their trade.

This campaign targeted the following PSAs :

  National Education

  Interior Security Defense





Within the banners, the following variables were tested :

  The visuals


  The text

  The landing page

  The variables

Multivariate test results : This multivariate test allowed GMF to understand which message to send to each of its hearings. The National Education target, for example, is more sensitive to banners displaying a teacher in the classroom, while the Defence Security target, broader in its possible trades, will be more receptive to generic visuals and messages.

Data used

Wording and visuals
Advertiser data : prices, stocks, etc.
CRM Data

DCO banners

picto mégaphone

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